Hailing from Harlem, Chris Ferguson known as King Z3us is an Artist continuing to create and express himself through music. An avid stage performer and college athlete, Z3us found himself transitioning into a more creative practice expressing himself across playwrights, and music. To date Z3us has released 4 projects under the moniker King Z3us, working with established producers such as Grammy nominated !llmind and more.

While in school on a football scholarship, Z3us tore his Achilles heel, which promptly ended his athletic career. Little did he know this tragedy would open the door to pursue creative arts, specifically acting and music. After spending time making beats, Z3us slowly began to develop his writing skills and along the way finding his voice. Things began to pick up once Z3us dropped "21 Pounds", a self-produced track, which went viral and racked up over 10million YouTube views to date.

Most recently Z3us released an incredibly comprehensive project filled with a medley of styles and genres that ultimately express his views on the current state of Harlem post gentrification. On Y.B.E., Young Black Entrepreneurs, King Z3us paints a picture of modern Harlem in 2018, while simultaneously paying homage and reminiscing of his community before gentrification.

Z3us’s legendary family is engrained in Harlem’s history, thus the borough significantly impacted his upbringing and love for the black community in New York. An artist and community activist, Z3us spends time working with children, all while creating and expressing his vision through art. Although many artists are motivated by financial success in music, Z3us chooses to express himself as an artist reflecting his personal story of perseverance, family, and hardship.